Cloth Wipes for Noses and Faces

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Cloth Wipes for Noses and Faces

Cloth Wipes for Noses and Faces

As a family of 5 we go through sooooo much paper!  We use paper for crafts, paper for bums, tissues for noses and paper towels for hands and faces.   My ongoing goal is to reduce our use of paper.  So far, we use – recycled paper for crafts, cloth wipes for baby bum and now finally I have completed my stash of cloths for faces and noses.   Even  though cleaned well, we use separate wipes for the babies bum and for faces.  I looked forever to find a container for my cloths and finally yesterday I got it at Michaels Craft Store.    How do you reduce paper use in your house?

2 thoughts on “Cloth Wipes for Noses and Faces

  1. We gave up paper tissues long ago and our noses are really happy, now I am working on giving up the paper towels…they are just so handy sometimes.  Wonder if flannel would work for them?  Love the basket…did you grab different basket for the different wipes also?

    • We have a different container for bum wipes that is wood with sections.  I keep a glass vinegar bottle in there full of wipe solution.  I  think it was originally made for napkins and cutlery.  I bet the fabric used for thermal jammies would work nicely for paper towel.  I don’t use a lot of them now that I have cloths for the kids faces.

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