How to Make Big Kid Longies or Even Adult!

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To start – I just want to clear up a misconception that i’ve bumped into recently.   These are just pants, nice warm, comfy, pants.   They are great for camping and sleeping on a cold night.  Nothing weird.  

When picking a sweater for baby longies, we have to be picky about the percentage of wool we use.   When picking for big kids or ourselves that isn’t as important b/c we don’t need it for diapers so there are many more to choose from.   Try this at first with a sweater that you don’t mind losing or pick one up at your local second hand shop.  

Choose a sweater that will fit your waist and hips if you were to flip it upside down. The waist = your waist, the stomach = your hips. The rise (you measure from the top of your pants to your crotch) is from the waist to the armpit of the sweater minus what you’ll have to fold over for a waistband. The length total of the pants = sleeve (to armpit) + most of the body minus some chunks you will cut off at the shoulders and the waist band fold over.

photo 1

 Chop off the arms.

photo 2

Flip the sweater over so that you have the front panel folded together on one side and the back folded together on the other side. The arm holes of the sweater become the crotch of the pants. The bottom of the sweater to the arm pits become the rise so make sure that is long enough when you pick your sweater. Make sure you include folding over for your waist band in that measurement.

photo 3

Cut apart the seems that are the shoulders of the sweater. Make sure that the front and back panel are even so that you know that the legs are going to be the same width and will fit your thighs.

photo 4

Cut off the angled tops of the sleeves and give them a straight and even edge making sure that they are the same. Chop off the messy bottoms (shoulders) and make sure they are even.

photo 5


Make sure it looks like things will be able to line up.


photo 1 copy

Turn body inside out and serge crotch.

photo 2 copy

Keeping body inside out and sleeve right side out, insert the sleeve, ankle first into the main hole for the leg. Match up the serge seem with the seem of the sleeve. Right sides should be pressed together.   Serge around the opening attaching the sleeve to the body of the pants.  Repeat for both legs.

photo 3 copy

Flip right side out. Add waist band elastic if your sweater doesn’t have a tight enough waist to hold them up.   Make a circular band out of your elastic loose enough to be comfortable around your waist but tight enough to hold up your pants.   Fold the waist of your sweater inwards over the elastic to make a pocket for it.  Sew it inside.

photo 4 copy

Cute little buttons on cuffs.

photo 2 copy 2

Et Voila!  Longies for you or your big kids 🙂   I would love to see pictures of any creations made from this tutorial so please feel free to share it on my Facebook page here and tell me that you’ve been here.  

 photo 1 copy 2

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