These are some really great uses for Unpaper Towels!

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A collection of fans on my Someday Sarah Facebook page got together and thought about all the different ways that they use their unpaper towels in their homes.   An  “unpaper towel” is basically a Re-usable cloth that can replace the use of disposable paper towels around the house.   With three kids in the house, we go through a number of cloths each day and use them in all kinds of ways.  This list is not complete in any way.   This dialogue  began because I actually don’t use my unpaper for making bacon.  But some do.   

uses for unpaper

And here is the reason this conversation got started.   I couldn’t bring myself to put bacon on my pretty cloths so, I used a left over birthday napkin.



I’m happy to say that I won’t be needing paper napkins for parties anymore too because I now have these are am so excited to have them for our upcoming February birthday parties!  


Have you tried using Unpaper towels yet?  As you can see with my Bacon dilemma, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing adventure!

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