Item Small/Med/Large   Add on Interlock  waist and/or cuffs Add On Dye
Recycled Soaker 14/16/16 6 6
Recycled Shorties 14/16/16 6 n/a
Recycled Longies 20/20/20 S-4         M&L – 6 n/a
Recycled Skirties 28 6
Hand knit Soakers 30 – depending on wool type n/a 6
Hand knit natural Photography Prop
25/27.50/30 n/a n/a
Hand knit Longies small – 36 depending on type of wool n/a 6

This is just a general guideline for pricing.  Some prices may vary depending on fabric and/or wool chosen.  If you have questions regarding customs and prices please feel free to message me.   Not all items or upgrades will be available at all times.  This in no way changes how items are already priced on Etsy or through Facebook.

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