How to Make Recycled Longies

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This is a picture tutorial on how to make wool longies from sweater sleeves.   I get my sweaters from thrift stores and if you look at my post Welcome to the Wool Addiction , you can see how I choose my wool.

This is the sweater after felting in the laundry machine.  I wash on hot and dry on regular temperature.  I usually dry it for about 20 minutes.

Then I cut off the sleeves…  Eventually I will use up the whole sweater in a variety of projects, including stuffing dryer balls.

Figure out how much you would need (from the wrist cuff) to have for the inseam and make sure there would be enough left on top to do the rise minus the waist band ( ie. The rise that needs to cover the bum).

Cut into the sleeve and remove a little bit along the inseam of the sleeve. Don’t take out too much that your babies bum won’t fit. Remember that he/she will be wearing fluff!

This creates a v-shape piece when you remove it. Continue reading »

How Wool Works Great for Cloth Diapering – Getting Ready to Dye

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Have you wondered how wool makes a good cloth diaper cover? This is a photo of a freshly cut soaker getting ready to dye. Not only is it not yet lanolized but it has been washed with regular detergent which would have stripped some of the natural lanolin. I can’t wait to play with colour later 🙂

Water droplets floating on wool

Water droplets floating on wool

This image shows how water does not immediately absorb into wool.  If there was a layer of cotton beside the wool it would quickly absorb it before the wool would.  This wool has not been lanolized yet; can you imagine how much better it would be with a little extra lanolin added.   I actually had to wring it and squeeze it to make it absorb the vinegar/water mix to get it ready for dying.